Spring starters are hand wound, mechanical starter motors. They replace the electric starter motor and allow an engine to be started easily and safely by hand, without a battery or alternator.

Spring starter

Our spring starters are used all over the world in many applications including ships’ lifeboats, irrigation pumps, black start generators, mining vehicles and fire pumps. In fact, our spring starters can be used anywhere that a diesel engine needs to be started, whatever the conditions.

Stadt Valiant Tug

Just wind the starter's spring steadily and easily and when this is tripped the engine is turned over fast enough to start.

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Our range of starters include the traditional Lucas/CAV/Simms models and our unique Z-drives.

Spring starters can fire up engines from the smallest one cylinder motors to massive 15 litre generators.

Please see our applications guide to check which engines can be fitted with a spring starter.

We can even apply a spring starter to your own engine configuration.

Spring starters are: 
efficient  reliable  versatile  convenient and safe to operate, making them ideally suited to hazardous and hostile environments.

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